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Hello there
We truly believe that the concept of Uncommon Ottawa doesn’t exist without the rich creative community our city has to offer.

We are just two people with the hopes of bringing together and highlighting the immense talent that surrounds us.
 So let’s shake things up, celebrate the extraordinary, and make the uncommon the new normal.

Yours in creativity,
Kate & Xenia

Xenia is a principal designer and co-owner of Studio Alter. She is fueled by her insatiable desire to create personalized places for unique people. 


Xenia's passion for design is rooted in the belief that built environments that are visually appealing and designed with the human experience in mind are crucial in creating livable homes and cities. By combining her experience and education in communications, event management, and interior design, Xenia’s vision for Uncommon Ottawa is to create opportunities that encourage Ottawa’s top creative minds to come together and develop a more interconnected community.

Xenia Rose

Kate is an award winning principal designer and co-owner of Studio Alter who is creative through and through. 


When she isn’t conceptualizing her next renovation, she’s most likely working on her own art, digital illustration, or painting the walls of her home (again). Her past experience in marketing, branding, and graphic design and subsequent transition to interiors has highlighted for her how truly connected our varying creative industries are. Kate’s vision for Uncommon Ottawa is to spotlight those (un)common threads that unite our creative domains with the goal of inspiring each other to make something new. 

Kate Dubois
Unconventional Minds,
Uncommon Ottawa.
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